Hippie Cartel + Virtue Collective

Women's work, voices and causes have been undervalued for far too long. It's time that comes to an end – for good. We're on a quest to ensure women reach their greatest potential, without limit, while uplifting those around them. This movement starts with YOU… and how you shop.

The Virtue Collective is a line of our stunning products that not only supports the fearless and talented female-powered businesses that create them, but also benefits female-centric nonprofit causes in a uniquely uplifting way.

Discover the Collection Now

For a limited time, 25% of all Hippie Cartel online purchases will be invested into growing the impact of Kota Alliance via the Virtueconomy. Check out some of our favorites below: 



Vivian Chen - Founder, Hippie Cartel

Vivian is a strong believer on beauty from the inside out. With a background and passion for women's empowerment, Vivian made her debut in the world of jewelry when she started discovering and curating individual, expressive pieces that were elegant and spirited. Overtime, she turned her passion into a full-time venture and Hippie Cartel was born.


"For as long as I can remember I have owned a philanthropic spirit and a passion to champion women’s empowerment. I am therefore beyond thrilled to be able to support The Kota Alliance by simply selling our jewelry, and to do so in such a unique and powerful way through Virtueconomy.”


The Kota Alliance

is an incubator for not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, and women-owned businesses that share the like-minded goal of gender equality and women's empowerment. Kota which means “core of an apple” in Finnish and “city” in Indonesian, aims to empower women around the world by embodying these words - creating a World Center for Women, a core so to speak, in the Big Apple. It will be a hub for like-minded people & organizations, and an incubator for fruitful collaborations.