Is that a Flash Tattoo or a bracelet?

Designed to look like bracelets, necklaces and beach bling, Flash Tattoos are the answer to those who are looking to inject a little bit of noncommittal spark into their style. These two-dimensional, jewelry-inspired tattoos have a bohemian flair and are definitely eye-catching to say the least.

As with all trends, metallic temporary tattoo jewelry isn’t a completely brand-new beauty/fashion phenomenon. Back in 2012, Dior teamed up with jewelry designer Camille Miceli and introduced a luxe, $120 limited-edition set that included cuffs, chokers, earrings and bracelets made of actual 24-carat gold microparticles. 

But these aren’t like the temporary tattoos you had as a kid, the kind you haphazardly slap on anywhere you want and call it a day. The trick is to go really subtle instead of trying a blown-out arm or ring party. Focus on one body part at a time by adding a couple of delicate midi rings, mixing a slender temp tattoo bracelet with actual bangles, or incorporating a single, sleek cuff. Statement necklaces and body chains are a bolder approach to the style, but the flashiness makes them a little harder to take seriously. 

The best part is that no matter what look you decide to experiment with, it’s all noncommittal fun: the designs naturally wash off in about four to six days (or you can scrub them off in the shower whenever you want).

Posted on November 11, 2014 .